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XtreemOS : Linux Operating system for next generation Grids

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Speaker(s) :Oscar David Sánchez
Nature :Meeting
Level :Confirmed
Date :Thursday 3 July 2008
Schedule :11h45
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français

XtreemOS is an Integrated Project supported by the European Commission’s IST program, and its main objectives are building and promoting a Linux-based operating system to support Virtual Organizations for Next Generation Grids.

XtreemOS will hide the complexity of the Grid, supporting hundreds of thousands of nodes and millions of users and allowing to run new and legacy applications seamlessly.

While R&D activities in XtreemOS focus on Grid technologies and range to virtualization and Cloud Computing, XtreemOS’ principal outcome will be Open Source Software. Most of the development is built upon OSS technologies and will result in a suite of Linux distributions customized for single PCs, clusters and mobile devices.

Therefore, the involvement in and from the OSS community will play a key role in the success of XtreemOS.

Url : XtreemOS