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Visualizing contributions in a forge

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Speaker(s) :Quang-Vu Dang
Nature :Meeting
Date :Thursday 3 July 2008
Schedule :16h45
Duration :45 minutes
Place :RT/TD5 - IUT
Video :

Quang-Vu Dang will present, in the frame of his PhD studies on quality in the development process of free software, a tool for the agregation of data flows coming from forges, to visualize contributions.

It is rather difficult to measure what can be the contribution of a member in a project, especially when the project uses multiple tools to produce its results.

This is the case of collaborative development of FLOSS software, that uses Wiki, bug tracker, mailing lists and source code management tools.

This presentation will describe an approach of data collection by using aggregation of feeds published by the different tools in software forges.

To allow the aggregation, collected data is semantically reformatted by applying Web semantic standard: RDF, DOAP, and FOAF.

Resulting data is treated in a supervision module that has been integrated into the PicoForge platform. This module is able do draw a live graph of the social community out of the different sources of data.

Quang-Vu Dang is a PhD student at Institut TELECOM, SudParis (in Evry), where he’s studying the quality of the process in the libre software development communities.

See slides of Vu’s presentation at :

PDF - 3.6 Mb
Visualizing contributions in a forge - Case study on PicoForge
Transparents (en anglais) de Vu.