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Tech-stories: Facets of FLOSS R&D projects

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Speaker(s) :Mathieu Deschamps
Nature :Meeting
Level :Confirmed
Date :Thursday 3 July 2008
Schedule :09h45
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français
Place :BIO/TD1 - IUT

Various FLOSS R&D keypoints will be covered in the presentation based on a statement and upon a question: how to safe balance "tests & validations" back to "designs & prototypes"? Or how set a project team, responsible & autonomous back to its research process.

The spaeker would tell about the need expressed by this team, procedures, methods & solutions that he has experienced and/or lead, of the resolute dialog exchanged within the team and with clients, parteners, communuties like software quality and terms and conditions of usage (licence), of the robust teamup and the free come up of solidarities within developper, of yields of the convergence of validation - process systematic.

Technique will magnify a hardware section linked to design and architecture, a section exposing FLOSS with boot specifics, a research and integration of dedicated components section, a GNU crosstool chain building section and a GNU/Linux softs ports as well low level debugging.

The analysis will set an important focus on those two facets of the industrial embedded project prism: the development plateform facet from R&D engineer point a view, and the FLOSS architecture facet in terms of solution/product from the system architect point of view in relation with technical steering and the client specifications.