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Round Table : Libre and organizations

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Nature :Round-table conference
Level :Newbie
Date :Friday 4 July 2008
Schedule :11h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français
Place :CDDP

This round table is proposed to organizations NGO not directly involved in Libre software. Which relationship with the Libre’s community, which libre software, which libre resources are available for organizations ? Which one are expected ?

Hopes, experiences, whishes, projects...

  • What about organizations in Libre software and resources ?
  • Which actions for Libre software and resources can be managed by popular Education organizations ? How is it difficult to conciliate these goals ?

Some speakers : P. Gascoin [1], P. Choteau [2], J.C. Becquet [3], J. Peyratout [4] & alt.


[1] Pascal Gascoin is assistant director in CEMÉA Pays de la Loire.

[2] Pascal Choteau is a trainer in Creps Aquitaine.

[3] Jean-Christophe Becquet is vice president of April, in charge of popular education topic.

[4] Jean Peyratout is Scideralle’s president.