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Intervenant(s) :Pat Petterson
Type d'événement :Conférence
Date :Vendredi 4 juillet 2008
Horaire :14h00
Durée :45 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :IUT
This session looks at the progress of OpenSSO over the past three years and gives an overview of  its features and functionality, with an emphasis on how you can use it  and get involved in the project. OpenSSO was launched by Sun  Microsystems in July 2005 to bring its access control, single sign-on  and federation technology to the open source community. Since then,  the entire code base of Sun’s Access Manager product has been released as open source and Sun Federated Access Manager 8.0, the first commercial release built from the open source code, is scheduled for release in mid 2008. Come find out how OpenSSO can work for you.