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NuFW, the authenticating Firewall

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Speaker(s) :Eric Leblond
Nature :Meeting
Date :Tuesday 1 July 2008
Schedule :14h45
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français
Place :BIO/TD3 - IUT

Speaker : Eric Leblond, Netfilter hacker, INL co-founder and et NuFW project founder.

Title : NuFW, the authenticating Firewall

Description : "After a short introduction on IP firewall technology, this lecture will describe the specificities of Netfilter, the Linux packet filtering framework. We will then describe the problem of identity based filtering and come to the solution brought by NuFW. A description of NuFW algorithm will allow you to discover NuFW internals and some interesting side effects (SSO, QoS). Last, we will present tools coming with NuFW, NuFace rules manager and NuLog for logs analysis. By this way, we will see how a strict authenticating filtering solution can improve the network admin life."

Duration : 40 minutes + 5 minutes of questions-answers.

Language : French (english possible during Q/A).

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Conf NuFW
Conf NuFW (PDF - 276.4 kb)
Conf NuFW