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NACA Project

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Project NACA : Migration from Mainframe/COBOL to Linux/Java/Intel servers

Publicitas, "all-media" Swiss advertising company, active in 25 countries, achieved between January 2003 and June 2007 the full migration of its mainframe (now really fully stopped !) toward an architecture of Intel servers under Linux. This project, NACA, was realized by Consultas, the internal IT company.

The critical part of the project was the 100% automatic (and then repeatable at will !) conversion to Java of the internal administrative application (Cobol/DB2/CICS - 4 million lines).

The main initial project driver were of course the recurring massive savings in mainframe operations costs : several millions euros per year in hardware maintenance & software rental.

These savings are now effective.

But, additional benefits have been experienced : the IT architecture & technology of the core application is now up-to-date, life of this application durably extended, easier integration of this application with other system (ERP, CRM, etc...), higher productivity of developers through use of last generation tools (Eclipse, etc...), cheaper Disaster Recovery, etc...

The presentation will deal with the initial objectives of the project but also expose their adjustments over project course, the "strategic" choices made to drive the project. It will also analyze the resulting benefits and suggest best practices discovered along the execution of NACA.

A more complete presentation (FR) of NACA is available at

This will be given on Monday, July 1st 2008 during the Enterprise day.