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Laïdux - vocal desktop environment for visually impaired people

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Speaker(s) :Emmanuel Estienne
Nature :Meeting
Level :Newbie
Date :Friday 4 July 2008
Schedule :12h00
Duration :30 minutes
Language :Français
Place :16 - IUFM

Laïdux was born from the call of a blind friend willing to learn how to use a computer.

Laïdux is a completely vocal desktop environment handled solely using keys from the numerical keyboard.

Our project aims to visually disabled people who can’t afford buying a computer system with a braille interface but would like to break their isolation and be able to use computers, which are now everywhere.

Using only the numerical keyboard allows people having no knowlegde of keyboard use to get quickly acquainted with the system.

The system is mostly based on the fun aspect of computers: internet surfing, mails, chats, listening to music and movies, and games.


  • Handicap, Accessibilité, TIC

DUREE : 20 min


INTERVENANT : Emmanuel Estienne