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LSM/RMLL’s Council

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Function of LSM/RMLL’s Council

  • Choice of the town
  • Support of organization team
  • Watch over respect of the event’s spirit.

The Council, memory of the event, vouches for LSM/RMLL’s philosophy [1]. The Council allows some essential points to be transmitted:

  • no commercial event, free admission
  • scheduled to encourage contact between Libre Software contributors and users
  • attached both to technical and societal aspects
  • open to international as to local public, specialist or not
  • organized by voluntaries linked with local community life
  • support allowed from organizations or firms if no commited with software patenting

Council’s composition

Council is composed of voluntaries  [2]  [3] among :

  • presidents of organization
  • voluntaries elected by previous with a two thirds majority.


Mandate is four-year duration, renewable.


The Council uses a mailing-list and can use every available communications media. Meetings are scheduled, namely during LSM/RMLL or other Free Software community’s events.

Leading progress

Two voluntaries have to lead debates [4]. They have to make propositions and coordinate debates - without any exclusive. They haven’t to decide anything without the formal agreement of the Council.


[1] LSM : Libre Software Meeting
RMLL : Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre

[2] At the end of July 2008 it is componed of ten persons :
Chantal Bernard-Putz (president RMLL 2006)
Benjamin Sonntag (vice chair RMLL 2006)
Vincent Mollimard (treasurer RMLL 2006)
Arnaud Luquin (president RMLL 2007)
Benjamin Bayart (vice chair RMLL 2007)
Jean-Christophe Élineau (president RMLL 2008)
Ingrid Galbert (vice chair RMLL 2008)
Annaïg Denis (president 2009)
David Yoteau (vice chair 2009)
Benoît Sibaud (April representative)
Muriel Shan Sei Fan (AFUL representative)

[3] At the end of July 2008, six persons leave at the end of their mandate duration:
Jean-Paul Chiron
Damien Chrisment
Pierre Jarillon
François Pellegrini
Jean Peyratout
Thierry Stoehr

[4] At the end of July 2008, these persons are Chantal Bernard-Putz and Arnaud Luquin.