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With the knowledge sharing out, the freedom of information,a mind for a mutual aid, exchanges, technological progress: the 9th Libre Software Meeting (LSM) stays in the philosophy of " Free Software". The real institution of the software world, which are the LSM, invites not only people having a passion for Libre software but also experts, designers, developers, users and people who are just interested. These people bring together in the fair in a friendly environment.

Free software (operating system with GNU/Linux, web browser with Firefox, office computer with, etc), are computing programs created thanks to a voluntary work of thousands people in the world.

Many contributors are not computer specialists but testers, translators, graphic designers, scriptwriter, teachers, etc. You can also take part in the creation of a free software!

The free software philosophy goes beyond the computing technology. It is composed of freedom and mutual aid.

Free software respects 4 fundamental freedoms : free use. free copy change and free adaptation free examination of its functioning (source code).

Here are some subjects from the LSM: in search of free software free software and public services, free software and teaching, free software and ... law, games, sciences, graphics, audio/video, interoperability ...

Thanks to the LSM, people ,who take part, see all solutions adapted to precise use.

It is a privileged place where users and software designers talk and exchange their ideas. This place is a place of melting pot and a place for creating new projects.

It is free and open for everyone. So do not hesitate to come and see: the 9th LSM will take place in the town centre of Mont de Marsan at 10 minutes by walk from the station.