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Intervenant(s) :Robert Strandh
Type d'événement :Conférence
Date :Samedi 5 juillet 2008
Horaire :11h00
Durée :60 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :11 - IUFM
Gsharp is a project with the purpose of creating a fully-free interactive editor for Music scores. The project was created in 1994, and we are now at a stage where Gsharp is almost ready for a wider audience. Gsharp uses a number of innovative algorithm to obtain reasonable interactive performance, and especially a number of techniques that will make it easier for users to customize and adapt Gsharp to their various needs. The Gsharp project also uses techniques that we consider essential in the context of free and open-source software, in that they allow us to save precious developer time without sacrificing performance or functionality. In particular, we use the Common Lisp language, which allows us to avoid combinations of more traditional static languages and so-called scripting languages, simply because a dynamic language such as Common Lisp is capable of playing the role of both. Another such technique is the use of the CLIM (Common Lisp Interface Manager) library for all interactions with the user. This library is unique in that it is based on higher-level concepts such as presentation types.