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Convivial and heart-warming gastronomy plays a major role in the welcoming way of life of the local people. A type of gastronomy deeply rooted in the traditions of the area: Haute Lande, Marsan area, Gabardan, Bas Armagnac, Tursan ...

The forest shelters plenty of game. That is were hunters are after woodpigeons and woodcocks. Corn feeds ducks, geese, capons and chickens bred in the pine forest. Sandy soils suit asparagus. The ocean and its rivers give us salmon, «alose» and wild trout. As for dessert, Armagnac flavoured pies with apple or prune filling are as delicious as the typical («pastis landais») aniseed cake.

For hundreds of years, local stockbreeders and farmers work their products with authenticity. Due to this tradition they obtain the first Red Label in 1965 which enabled them to found a true culture in the agricultural economics of the department. A whole variety of delicacies which take part in the gastronomic tradition and perpetuate an ancestral know-how of recognised quality.

The true products associated to a Protected Geographical label found a ground of predilection here and offer a greedy pallet:

  • Landes Aspergues
  • Landes Farm duck
  • Landais Farmes chicken
  • Chalosse beef
  • Kiwi de l’Adour
  • Wines from Tursan and Pays des Landes
  • Armagnac and Floc of Gascogne

A meal (which will take place on Thursday evening) will be entirely directed towards the local gastronomy.