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Speaker(s) :Mikael Ates
Nature :Meeting
Date :Friday 4 July 2008
Schedule :17h30
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français

The technical and scientific activities in digital identity federation and management led to the creation of new standards, from major normalization and standardization organizations, such as OASIS and the Liberty Alliance Consortium. There was therefore a need for a technical implementation of these standards which would be widely available for all as open source.

As a result, a partnership between companies, (THALES, LINAGORA Group and Entr’ouvert), a laboratory, (DIOM Laboratory - ISTASE - University of Saint-Etienne), and an open source community ObjectWeb (OW2), was created within the FederID project in order to solve this issue.

Leveraging common practices of the open source community philosophy, the sustainable development through the reuse of existing components, the FederID project proposes a software suite based on the combination of reliable and efficient components as well as additional developments. Names and roles of these components are the following: Authentic : An identity provider taking place into a federation. LemonLDAP::NG : An applicative firewall for web application protection through a fine-grained access control management. InterLDAP : Tools and management interfaces for identity backends. LASSO :SAML2.0, ID-FF 1.2 and ID-WSF1.2 open source library.

In this presentation, the basics of digital identity federation and management will be presented and we will explain how the FederID software suite can answer to some of these issues. Next, the interoperability topic with identity products like Cardspace and OpenID will be discused. We will conclude about the future of FederID.

Url : FederId