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Fault tolerant stateful firewalling with GNU/Linux

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Speaker(s) :Pablo Neira Ayuso
Nature :Meeting
Date :Tuesday 1 July 2008
Schedule :14h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :English
Place :BIO/TD3 - IUT

Speaker: Pablo Neira Ayuso, Netfilter core team Netfilter member.

Title : "Fault tolerant stateful firewalling with GNU/Linux"

Description : "Firewalls are perimeter security devices widely deployed in the Internet. These equipments allow system administrators to define filtering policies that determine the allowed traffic. These filtering policies are defined by means of rule-sets, containing each rule a set of descriptors that match packet fields and the action to be issued, such as accept or deny. Firewalls inherently introduce a single point of failure since all the traffic has to cross the firewall to enter and leave the network that it protects. Therefore, a failure in the firewall results in temporary isolation during the reparing time. In this talk, we describe the implementation of fault tolerant stateful firewalls with GNU/Linux and the conntrack-tools"

Duration : 40 minutes + 5 minutes questions-answers.

Language : English (french possible during Q/A).

Video : Ogg video file of Pablo talk (45 minutes, 264 Mo). This talk was shooted and translated in Ogg format by Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons.

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