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Edulibre, documentary forge project

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Speaker(s) :Daniel Caillibaud
Nature :Meeting
Level :Confirmed
Date :Thursday 3 July 2008
Schedule :09h00
Duration :30 minutes
Place :CDDP

Edulibre is documentary forge project for collectively create an validate educatives contents.

Contents would be produced in a private collaborative part (for all volunteers). After validation, a document (and its datas) would become accessible in the website public part. Agreement between participants (at least, in absence of veto) seems to be a good base, still precises validation rules are to be made.

Here’s the main reason for such a website :

  • Wikipedia->] shows that collaborative work allows creation of quality content.
  • Sésamath opened the path, why don’t we follow it...
  • Web’s full of pedagogical documents, accessibles to all, but so much scattered (academical websites, teachers personal sites, associations, private editors ones, etc) : it’s often much faster to build it’s own document rather than search one and then adapt it.
  • New institutional engines (educasource, spinoo, murene,...) improve the situation a bit but they stay restrained to institution validated documents. Some like this filter, some others would prefer a larger search field. An other validation method, more flexible without quality loss is possible. So, created documents would be found on engines such as correlyce (which "harvest" contents notices on various websites, if datas like "LomFr" are availables).
  • This website could host pluridisciplinary activities, not much availables somewhere else. Important needed investment for their creation explains their rarety. Share of such ressources, with librely modifying contents, would allows to offer contents that pedagogical teams could get more easily and make page layout of.

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