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Webkit, Mozilla and the future of open Web

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Speaker(s) :Paul Rouget (contributeur Mozilla) et Julien Chaffraix (contributeur Webkit)
Nature :Meeting
Level :Confirmed
Date :Friday 4 July 2008
Schedule :14h00
Duration :120 minutes
Language :Français

Presentation : WebKit and Mozilla are two engines made free Internet. They are the ones who respectively run Safari or Firefox.
They are both competitors in the "browser wars" and partners promoting and creating standards of tomorrow.

A brief introduction to the history of rendering engines and their Goals begin the discussion. It will bring out the specifics and scopes of each renderer.

The presentation then show through demonstrations progress of the two engines in the deployment of new Web technologies (HTML5, SVG, JS1.8 ..). The technologies specific to each project will also be explained.