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SPIP, free and tenderness

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Speaker(s) :Camille Lafitte
Nature :Meeting
Level :Newbie
Date :Thursday 3 July 2008
Schedule :11h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français
Place :BIO/TD2 - IUT

Presentation : SPIP is a publishing system for the internet (content manager) with is own API like a Framework. This tool covers a broad field of publication:

  • institutional website
  • Journalistic
  • Blog
  • Document Management
  • Podcast
  • ...

It has the advantage and disadvantage of being developed by a large and reactive French community. This publication system is documented in 29 languages and is translated into at least as many languages.

He faces up to current needs by offering:

  • various type of database (sqlite, postgres, mysql)
  • the pooling of resources
  • the Web 2.0 with Ajax and friends

Plan :

  • What is a CMS ?
  • Why SPIP ?
    • Its origins, his life until now
  • Differences with other CMS
    • His approach of skeletons
    • His approach webmaster/graphic
  • What he offers
    • Features (Tag, filter, API)
    • Plugins
  • Its diversity
    • Internationalisation
    • Biodiversity and cultural its publics
  • Conclusion : Why SPIP ?
  • Questions & Answers

Link : spip