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I love Django

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Speaker(s) :Bruno Bord
Nature :Meeting
Date :Tuesday 1 July 2008
Schedule :14h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français

Django is a Web framework written entirely in Python, ie a set of tools for high-level allowing the rapid development of applications for the Web.

The strong points of Django:

object-relational mapper

Set your data model entirely in Python. You have a rich, dynamic API access to the database directly - but you can always write your queries in SQL if the need is felt.

Interface automated terminal

Save you the tedious work of designing interfaces allowing people to add and modify content. Django is automatically is ready for production.

Design elegant URL

Nominate your elegantly URL without any limitation specific framework. Be as flexible as what you want.

System template

Use the powerful, extensible and designer-friendly language of Django template to separate design, content and Python code.

System cache

Use memcached or other frameworks cache for super performance - choose the level of cache that meets your needs.


Django has a complete support applications in several languages, allowing you to specify the strings to translate and making available tools for specific functionality to the language.

Source : Django-FR