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Communicating mobile Platform: the Open E-bus Project

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Speaker(s) :Jean Jacques Bascou
Nature :Meeting
Level :Confirmed
Date :Tuesday 1 July 2008
Schedule :16h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français
Place :BIO/TD1 - IUT
Video :

Computer systems embedded into public transportations (buses, trams, subways, trains ...) are now totally proprietary.

A project to develop a platform standard began two years at Mont de Marsan at the initiative of a transportation company from Mont de Marsan.

This project is to design a scalable embedded architecture offering different communication buses (RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, IR ...) and externally any possible connections (Ethernet, WiFi, Wi-Max, GPRS, UMTS, Bluetooth ...).

The purpose of this architecture is to ensure that all devices inside the vehicle can have an IP connection and independently of the used hardware.

The vehicle may change its IP addresses during his travel so maintaining IP connections may be possible with emerging Mobile IP and Nemo protocols that will be presented during a demonstration.