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Call For Presentation for the System/Embedded session: free software for Embedded Systems

Article translations :

The embedded systems are increasingly present in our life. The embedded system community usually used commercial software solutions with royalties to reverse each time a system is sold. Since few years, a reversal of tendency has appeared with the use of free software for embedded systems. That is made possible by the adaptation of the Linux kernel to the constraints of atypical embedded system (no MMU, small memory footprint, filesystem in FLASH memory...) and its port on various types of processors. The purpose of this session is to give the state of the art of free software for embedded systems.

A special Embedded session is scheduled on free software (toolchains, embedded Linux, Real Time Linux...) for embedded Systems.

Technical topics of the special Embedded session of the LSM ’08 conference include but are not limited to :

  • Embedded OS Development kernel architecture, implementation and port for embedded systems
  • Embedded Development Tools: tool chains and project cases (tool chain projects, packaging for cross compilation, portability ...)
  • Embedded Linux: µClinux...
  • Real-time extensions for Linux: RTLinux, RTAI...
  • Hard real-time kernels: eCos, RTEMS, ADEOS, Xenomai...
  • Soft Real-time kernels
  • Embedded Java
  • GUI for embedded systems: Gtk, Qt, Nano/X...
  • Linux and System on Chip (SoC)
  • Open hardware, free IP modules (Intellectual Property) and softcores: opencores, OpenRISC, NIOS, Microblaze, LEONSparc, FPGA...

Submissions with Industrial Applications and Experiences are specially encouraged.

Authors are invited to submit a summary before 15 June 2008. Please send your summary by email in english (preferable) or french language to Patrice Kadionik ( or Pierre Ficheux (

You’ll find informations here: kadionik/rmll2008/