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map source : C.C.I. des Landes

Drive to Mont de Marsan

The Landes region has an incredible asset: the space. With 9 250km2, this region is the second French department thanks to its area.

The French highway A63 has been widened and is now a 2X3 ways. It links North and South of Europe by the Atlantic side and the motorway diagonal Bayonne-Dax-Mont-de-Marsan. They are important points for our city.

From North

  • Bordeaux - Mont de Marsan : 130 km (about 1H20)
  • Agen - Mont de Marsan : 120 km (about 1H20)

from South

  • Spain - Mont de Marsan : 130 km (about 1H30)
  • Pays Basque - Mont de Marsan : 105 km (about 1H10)
  • Pau - Mont de Marsan : 85 km (about 1H20)