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Bringing WebKit to embedded Devices: Introducing Origyn Web Browser

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Speaker(s) :Jean-Charles Verdié
Nature :Meeting
Level :Newbie
Date :Tuesday 1 July 2008
Schedule :14h45
Duration :45 minutes
Language :English
Place :BIO/TD1 - IUT

WebKit web-rendering engine has an unprecedented traction on the industrial community, driven by successive adoptions from Apple, Nokia, Adobe and Google.

Starting in 2006, Pleyo worked in bringing this browser easier to port to a constrained world and make its adoption easier.

Origyn Web Browser relied on a slicing of WebKit leveraging fine-grained dependencies with the system rather than an full-fledged, integral and deep binding.

From an interface skeleton, Origyn Web Browser improves portage time as much as 30% and improves optimisation and code testing.