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Bridges between projects

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Intervenant(s) :Dave Neary
Type d'événement :Conférence
Date :Mercredi 2 juillet 2008
Horaire :16h45
Durée :45 minutes
Langue :English
Lieu :RT/TD4 - IUT

Regularly, to add spice to a story, or to simplify the landscape of the free software world for people who are used to the commercial way of doing things, projects like KDE and GNOME are presented as being in competition, and in conflict.

While there is an element of friendly rivalry between many projects, there are ways in which free software projects collaborate which are little known, and which shatter the myth of conflict.

This collaboration happens in software projects such as those hosted by, conferences like the Libre Graphics Meeting, GUADEMY, the Desktop Architects Meetings and FOSTEL, and mailing lists like Create and Foundations on

In this presentation, I will show some of the ways in which projects have collaborated, with occasionally surprising results.