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Automated installations and infrastructure management with FAI

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Speaker(s) :Henning Sprang
Nature :Meeting
Level :Newbie
Date :Thursday 3 July 2008
Schedule :16h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :English
Place :BIO/TD2 - IUT

FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) was originally a small collection of scripts, written to ease automated installations of Solaris over a network. In the meantime, it has developed to a very powerful framework that is capable of doing multiple different types of installation, build install and live CD’s, and help updating and managing infrastructures from 2 to 2000 machines - no matter if they are all the same, as in a computing cluster, or very different, as in a company network of different servers, workstations for different departments, and terminal systems. It also support many different Linux distributions.

All this is still controlled from a comparable small amount of scripts, and configured in simple Text files. Every part of FAI is extensible and it’s behaviour adjustable with the user’s own hooks and scripts, if the need arises. In this presentation, we will give an overview on the inner workings of FAI and show, what FAI can do for you - in case you ever have to install or manage any systems.

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