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Speaker(s) :Pascal Gascoin, Éric Seigne
Nature :Meeting
Level :Newbie
Date :Wednesday 2 July 2008
Schedule :09h00
Duration :45 minutes
Language :Français
Place :CDDP

AbulÉdu is a libre network solution which allows to every structure (schools, formation center, organizations...) whatever its size, to find a technical and pedagogical solution to assume IT network problems.

Server is used for centralized applications, files, communication, CD-tower for sharing CDs, and so on.

Every type of computer (Linux, Windows, Mac...) with network skills can be plugged as a client and his user can get, after validation, in the whole net ressources.

PCs can be used as graphical terminals, which simplify greatly their utilisation and support. Double-boot (Windows/Linux) allows user to elect a system installed on local hard drive or run a graphical terminal, leading to a flexible, trustworthy, safe, not support demanding and greatly easy to use tool.


  • preconfigured system on server, immediately ready ;
  • Securing of net and datas (against intrusions, viruses), web access filtering (automatic update of unwanted websites lists, easy customizing) ;
  • daily administration of someone without IT skills ;
  • automatic account creation, intranet email, publishing space, ressources and shared places access starting at a new user creation ;
  • heterogeneous net compatible with every existing system (Windows, Mac, Linux...) ; fast threading of clients stations and old materials integration ;
  • possibility of recover files and environment, whatever used computer ,
  • net share of printers and others devices, Internet connection, cederoms (image located on the server, accessible to everyone), etc ;
  • pedagogical net management : a good ressources structuring allows to create organisation and utilisation rules of informatic workspace, transposing functioning method of an associative or scholastic environment ; management mecanisms allow to define and run cooperatives spaces dedicated to work, with documents and workspaces share and customized publication.